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New product preview/ TUYA Smart APP/ 2-Wire Villa Intercom System


SKYNEX, the renowned provider of cutting-edge security solutions, is proud to announce our strategic partnership with TUYA Smart, a leading global cloud platform.

In line with its vision of "Digitally Empowering Security, Innovating Leading Developments," SKYNEX is set to launch the state-of-the-art 2-wire villa intercom system in September 2023, featuring full integration with TUYA cloud intercom capabilities.

The collaboration between SKYNEX and TUYA Smart APP brings forth full range of villa intercom products that cater to high level users. The 2-wire villa system is designed to provide seamless and efficient villa video intercom solutions, including bespoke solutions for apartment complexes and large-scale community IP intercom systems.

With the introduction of TUYA cloud platform support, users now can easily connect with their villa outdoor station from both SKYNEX's indoor monitor and their smartphones. This advanced feature enables users to receive remote calls, monitor entrance environment and remotely unlock doors with convenience and security.


The 2-wire villa intercom kit comprises a villa outdoor unit and indoor monitor, boasting high-definition video calling capabilities and image storage functions for outdoor monitoring. The system is user-friendly and competitively priced, making it an affordable and accessible option for villa residents. When integrated with alarm systems or smart home solutions, the intercom system provides an additional layer of protection for single houses or villas seeking enhanced security measures.

The SKYNEX 2-wire villa intercom solution caters to various users' needs, with villa outdoor units available in 1-key, 2-key, and 4-key call buttons for added convenience. In the near future, SKYNEX plans to release a 16-key apartment variant, further expanding its product lineup to meet the demands of different property types.

About TUYA Smart:

TUYA Smart is a leading global IoT cloud platform that connects brands, OEM, developers, and retail chains with smart demands. Offering a one-stop IoT solution, TUYA Smart provides software and hardware development tools, global cloud services, and intelligent business platform development. The platform encompasses a comprehensive range of services, from technical support to marketing channels, establishing TUYA Smart as the world's leading IoT cloud platform.

As the world advances into the digital age, SKYNEX and TUYA Smart aims to revolutionize the video door phone intercom industry, offering state-of-the-art solutions that combine security, convenience, and innovation. The upcoming launch of the 2-wire villa system marks a significant milestone in this journey. We’re look forward to bringing unparalleled value to our customers.


Post time: Jul-31-2023